About Maple


Sunday Morning Worship Schedule

Small Groups For All Ages 9:00 – 10:00 AM
Worship Service 10:15 – 11:20ish AM

Childcare provided during the worship service by our children’s church program.

Wired Wednesday Schedule

Fellowship Meal 6:00 – 7:00 PM
Worship Service 7:00 – 7:30ish PM

Dear Friend,

As pastor, it is a pleasure for me to welcome you to Maple Church. I think you will find the people of this church to be friendly and wanting to be of help to you in any way possible. We want you to receive a blessing in worshiping with us. It is our privilege to encounter the presence of the Living God with you today and to know that God’s blessings are sufficient in every way in our lives.

The goal of our church is to be a great church.  However, you may be asking yourself what that means. Good question. When we say we want to be a great church, we mean that we want to be a church that fulfills both of the “great” statements of Christ.  Firstly that means that we follow the Great Commissioning to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.  We believe that a relationship with Christ not only enriches life but can bring a completeness to it that you never knew you needed before.  It’s that missing peace we’ve all been searching for.  Secondly, we follow the Great Commandment to love God and to love our neighbor.  That means that we honor God in our worship here and treasure our relationship with God, but it also means that we reach out in service to others.  We here at Maple believe that the church is not just a building or a place to go.  The church is a living body, a community of believers that must exist outside the walls of our worship space as well as inside.  So we are making it a part of our mission to be active in service and ministry and outreach to our community and our world.

Now, to answer a few questions:

Where do I go when I get there?

When you arrive on Sunday morning, we have ample parking with two lots in front of both our upper and lower buildings. The entrance into our worship space is located in the top building through the double glass doors. At the entrance, someone will give you a warm welcome. Be sure and ask for directions if you need them. Upon entering the building, the gathering place for worship is just to the right. If you have children that you’d like to take to our children’s church program or nursery, simply go straight ahead from the main doors to our nursery. Someone will be there to assist you. We also have refreshments such as juice, coffee, and snacks located in our lobby which are free for you to enjoy.

If you are coming to our Wired Wednesday events, please park in the lower parking lot and enter into our fellowship hall through the doors in the lower building. Both the meal and worship will take place there in the fellowship hall. Come on in, take a seat, and make yourself comfortable!

Can my kids come with me?

Yes! We love having families together for worship. They are more than welcome to stay with us in the sanctuary the entire worship service. You may also choose to have them attend Children’s Church program during Sunday worship. During Children’s Church, they have their own Bible study lessons, crafts, activities, and games. Just bring them to the sanctuary with you. Once we are done singing songs at the beginning of worship,  we will have a youth message for all of your youth and young people after which children are dismissed to their classes, and you can pick them up when we’re done.

During our Wired Wednesday events, everyone stays in the same space for the fellowship meal and the worship.

What can I expect during worship?

During our Sunday worship service, there will be several hymns sung throughout the service. You are invited to sing along with the words that are on the screen, in the hymnal, or in the back of your bulletin. We will have a youth message, pray, and collect money to help the church accomplish its mission in Southeast Missouri and around the world. However, we want our guests to know that they should not feel obligated to give. This worship service is our gift to you. When our choir is in season, there will usually also be a piece of special music for you to enjoy. During the service, Pastor Jeff will give a message that applies to your life. Occasionally, we celebrate The Lord’s Supper with bread and grape juice. Everyone is welcome to receive a small serving of bread and juice as a way to remember Jesus Christ, but you don’t have to, you may stay seated if you choose. We close out our service by singing one more song and we are usually done by 11:20 to 11:30.

During our Wired Wednesday events, we’ll begin by calling ourselves into worship and praying together. Then, we’ll sing a couple of praise songs that are typically contemporary christian music. After that we have a time where we share our joys and concerns and pray for them. We will have a brief message (about 5 minutes) given by a lay person (i.e. not clergy) of the church. Then we will close out with one more praise song and a blessing. The service on Wednesdays will typically be about 30 to 45 minutes.

What should I wear?

We do not have a dress code in either service. We simply ask that you do wear clothes.

How do I get there?

Please use the “Map and Directions” link at the top of our site for all your Google Maps needs.

We pray that, on this day and every day, God’s love will be very real to you and that your relationship with Jesus Christ be a growing and vital one.

If there is any question we can answer for you, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Pastor Jeff Estes